Ashikaga Flower Park, known for its “Kimetsunoyaiba” (Demon Slayer), is one of the largest illumination spots in Japan! | 東京周辺の人気観光レジャースポットや話題のイベント情報サイト!

Ashikaga Flower Park, known for its “Kimetsunoyaiba” (Demon Slayer), is one of the largest illumination spots in Japan!


Now, with the anime “Blade of Demon’s Destruction” surging in popularity, the 2019 comics annual cumulative sales ranking has overtaken ONE PIECE, which has been No. 1 for 11 years in a row, making it an impressive No. 1.

The anime is also a hit and a theater version is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2020. In addition, you have the stage play “Oni no Kai” opening on January 18, 2020!

The two things that its enemy demons are not fond of are sunlight and wisteria flowers.

A mountain full of wisteria flowers, which are poisonous to demons, appears in the fourth episode of “Blade of Demon’s Destruction,” and this “Ashikaga Flower Park” has become a “sacred place for Blade of Demon’s Destruction” because of its wisteria flowers, which are very similar to the scene in that episode.

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Ashikaga Flower Park’s illumination, centered on the wisteria flower motif, is a popular illumination spot that was selected as the number one illumination spot in Japan for two consecutive years (2016 and 2017) by 5212 night view appraisers from the Night View Convention Bureau, Japan’s top three illumination spots.

The other two are “Huis Ten Bosch Kingdom of Light” and “Sapporo White Illumination”.



What is the Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination, made famous by Oni no Shuraki no Kane?

Ashikaga Flower Park opened in Horigome-cho, Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture in 1968 as “Hayakawa Noen”. In 1997, the park was relocated to Sakoma-cho, Ashikaga City, and reopened as Ashikaga Flower Park.

The Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination will be held for the 18th time in 2019, decorated with an overwhelming 4.5 million light bulbs. Within the theme named “Flower Garden of Light,” its content changes according to the time of year, from

November 2 to mid-November “Collaboration of Light and Flowers” – a fusion of light and amethyst sage
Late November – Late December “Christmas in the Flower Park” – Christmas Fantasy and
New Year’s Day to February 5: “New Year Illumination” – a competition of light and winter-blooming buttons.


Personally, I found the 3-million-bulb “Winter Illumination” at Tokyo Deutsche Mura in Chiba Prefecture to be breathtaking, but even better than that is the variety of illuminations that can only be enjoyed in Tochigi Prefecture, which has a vast area of land.


Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination Highlights to keep in mind

・Cute Castle Flower Castle

The Flower Castle is a new illumination created in 2017. This is a castle with gorgeous & cute decorations. The meeting of the castle is also elevated, and the highlight is the shining of various cute illuminations up close and personal.

・Fantastic Earth for Everyone

Everyone’s Earth is an illumination created on the theme of “Earth” where humans, animals, and plants are all one. The amount of light is doubled by using the surface of the water, creating an even more fantastic space. Various animals are shining around the earth.

・This is where the storyline of the Demon Slayer story unfolds, the miraculous Oto illumination.

The symbol of Ashikaga Flower Park, “Kiseki no Ootou,” is so beautiful that it reminds one of the scene in the anime “Demon Slayer” where the main character, Sumijiro, and the wisteria flower were reflected in the scene.

The transplanting of the 130-year-old giant wisteria was unprecedented, and the project attracted nationwide attention as the first successful transplant in Japan.

The transplantation of the 130-year-old giant wisteria attracted nationwide attention and became the first successful transplant project of its kind in Japan.

・Four Seasons of Japan “Home of the Heart.

The “Kokoro no Homeland(one’s spiritual home),” a light mural on the slope of the mountain, features illumination of old-fashioned terraced fields, streams and huts, as well as rabbits and flying red dragonflies that seem to appear in old tales.

This is truly a spot where you can enjoy the hometown of your heart.

Other features include the “Pyramid of Light,” a pyramid that shines in five colors inspired by the earth, the sun, peace, nature, and the sky, and the “Kibana Wisteria Tunnel,” a tunnel of flowers that will make you forget about reality.

Ashikaga City in Tochigi Prefecture may seem quite far from Tokyo, but it is only about an hour and a half drive. There is also Sano Premium Outlets about 12 km away, so you can enjoy shopping during the daytime.


Ashikaga Flower Park Illumination Price, Access, Parking Details.

Holding period Saturday, November 2, 2019 – Thursday, February 6, 2020 16:30 – 21:00
Charge Adults 1000 yen Children 500 yen (only at night)・daytime>>>
Phone 0284-91-4939
Address 607 Sakoma-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi栃木県足利市迫間町607
Access  【Train】3 minutes walk from Ashikaga Flower Park on JR Ryomo Line.
【Car】From Tohoku Expressway: ◎From Sano Fujioka IC, proceed toward Maebashi and Ashikaga on Route 50 (about 18 minutes).
Parking lot

Free parking for 6,000 vehicles

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