Did you know that you can tour the NTV headquarters in Shiodome, Tokyo for free? | 東京周辺の人気観光レジャースポットや話題のイベント情報サイト!

Did you know that you can tour the NTV headquarters in Shiodome, Tokyo for free?


NTV headquarters moved from Kojimachi in February 2004 and is now located in Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

Did you know that the headquarters building, “Nittele Tower,” is open to the public? From the second basement floor to the second floor above ground, the public can freely enter and tour the building as “Nittele PLAZA.


Incidentally, there are many other free leisure spots in the Tokyo area in addition to Nittele Plaza.
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The highlight of a visit to Nittele Plaza is the Nittele Grand Clock designed by Hayao Miyazaki!

The Nittele Grand Clock, the symbol of Nittele Plaza, towers 12 meters high and 18 meters wide on the second floor of Nittele Plaza, and is famous as a giant clock designed by Hayao Miyazaki, which was created by hand using 1,228 copper plates.

You can imagine its enormity by the difference in size from its surroundings. It is so huge that it is scary to actually stand in front of it.

The clock tower is a mechanical clock with 32 mechanisms, and every day at 10:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00, and 20:00, the puppets start to move with music for about 3 minutes. The illuminated story at 20:00, when it gets dark, is especially fantastic and one of the highlights of the festival.



The plaza in front of Nittele Mysta, where the weather forecast is broadcast, is located here.

Directly below the Nittele Grand Clock is the Mysta-mae Plaza, which is used for weather forecasts and other broadcasts.

Naturally, weather forecasts are broadcast live, so if you go to the square at the time of the broadcast, you may be able to appear on the national network program. You might be able to?

日テレ 見学 大時計台

日テレ 見学 そらジロー



You may be able to meet celebrities at Nittele’s Zero Studio?

Zero Studio, with its skeleton surroundings, is the studio where many of Nittele’s information programs are recorded. A typical program is “PON! The huge monitor at the top of the studio also shows programs that are being broadcast.

PON!” also features former members of AKB and the people from “Closed Shop Rattle” and “Kombanmee,” so perhaps you can meet some of the celebrities here?

日テレ 見学 pon 日テレ 見学 広場

The recommended location for those who want to see the entertainers during the live broadcast is at the bottom right image. If you are lucky, you may be able to meet the entertainers in the image on the bottom left?

日テレ 観覧募集 

NTV’s official website is always accepting applications to be a spectator of NTV’s popular programs, as well as other recruitment projects.

So many more!

There are many more, but too many to list here.

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*This page is currently closed due to the new Corona virus.

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Nitteleya, located on the first floor of Nittele Plaza, offers a variety of rare goods!

On the B2F of Nittele Plaza, you will find stores such as Nitteleya, Taco Bell, Travelex Shiodome Nittele Plaza, Tully’s Coffee, and Kappogi. In particular, you can purchase souvenirs and rare Nittele goods that are only available here at Nitteleya.

日テレ 見学 お土産 ショップ 日本テレビ 日テレショップ

In addition, Nittele Tower hosts major events twice a year, in summer and winter.

These events are held in collaboration with popular TV programs and movies, and are crowded with people every day. You may not want to miss out on the limited menu items available only during the event, as well as goods only available at the event.


Nippon Television announcer. Who is Erika Aoi?

In the summer of 2018, in the heat of the summer, “Super Shiodome Paradise! -2018 SUMMER” was held. Personally, I was interested in the “Android Announcer Aoi Erika Fortune Telling House,” which was held from August 10 to 19.

Aoi Erica is an android announcer with the latest artificial functions, and she is starting to work as one announcer at NTV.

Profile: date of birth August 4, 2017, year of joining the company 2018, height 166 cm, weight 48 kg (not including the weight of the control PC and compressor).

Here is the video ↓↓↓↓.


Speaking of “NTV,” the mail-order program “Nitteleposhure” is also of interest to you!

Nittele Poshure” is the title of NTV’s mail order website and a program of the same name broadcast on the same station.

It has everything from home appliances, beauty, fashion, household goods, food, and remodeling, and it’s a sight to behold!

Incidentally, the name “Poshure” is an inverted spelling of “Teleshop,” and was the idea of Takashi Tanatsugu, the producer in charge at the time.

Click here to visit the Nichirete Poshure website. >>>

Leisure and play experience reservation site “Asobuyu”



How to book tours & hands-on events for Nittele school personnel, details. Nittele WARK” is also available.

Nittele WARK” offers tours for 5th grade elementary school students to 3rd grade high school students as part of their classes or for learning purposes.

日本テレビ 見学ツアーコース

Complete reservations are required and free of charge.
Target audience : 5th grade elementary school students to 3rd grade high school students
Capacity : 2 to 14 students
Dates : Monday – Friday
Time :Morning course (11:00-12:30), Afternoon course (14:00-15:30)

For more details and reservations >> As of January 2021, the program has been canceled due to the new Corona.



Tours & Event Spots of Other TV Stations Other than NTV

NHK Studio Park is a theme park that is free to visit and children will enjoy.

NHKスタジオパーク 見学

What is the sphere “Hachitama” at Fuji Television’s headquarters building in Odaiba? Let’s tour it at least once! >>>

フジテレビ 本社 見学


Access and parking for Nittele PLAZA (Plaza) tours Detailed information

Admission Free
Address 4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Access [Train
JR “Shinbashi Station”, Yurikamome “Shinbashi Station”, Toei Oedo Line “Shiodome Station”, Toei Asakusa Line “Shinbashi Station”, Tokyo Metro “Shinbashi Station” [Car
1 minute from Shiodome I.C. or Shinbashi I.C. on the Metropolitan Expressway Inner Circular Route.
Parking None (Please use a nearby toll parking lot.)
Website Nittele Plaza – Nippon Television Network Corporation Official Website >>